Thursday, December 18, 2014

Heidi Blu Ray Complete Series

Finally we finished the entire Heidi series in Blu ray. I would like to give thanks to Silver Dragoon, Ericf, Jef Ruizu, Egrimisu and Heidi Fan for making this release possible and to everyone of you that supported this project. In 2015 we will release the complete Heidi also in DvD. Sadly it's only finished in English. Now I can continue the French and Portuguese translation. I will be back also on Dog of Flander, Anne of Green gables and also start working on Flone. Merry Christmas everyone (or holidays for those who don't commemorate Christmas) and a happy new Year.

Monday, October 20, 2014

We're back online.

Ok, we're back. I apologise for being offline for so long. All this time offline just because I wanted my new computer to have a 6TB disk only the discovered recently that windows 7 only allows me to have 2 TB by disk. Well, the torrents are back online. You can download them here at the end of this text or at the "Download series" tag above. I'm still working on correcting the subtitles for Heidi with the subs by EricF but it shouldn't take too long now. I was actually planing to start sharing Heidi only after I finish the correction, but some people are complaining about it so you can still download Heidi with the old subtitles for now. After I'm done with Heidi I will go back to work on Akage no Anne, Dog of Flanders (I'm sorry for taking so long Moho Kareshi) and I will start working on Flone too. Flone shouldn't take much time since the subtitles are already done and timed by EricF. Any questions, just ask. 

Heidi DVD (01-24) Torrent

Heidi Blu-Ray (25-52) Torrent

Flander no Inu (01-24) Torrent

Akage no Anne (01-36) Torrent

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Won't be able to seed for a while

Hello everyone. My pc containing all my files including the torrents, crashed. Literally. So I won't be able to seed the episodes till I buy a new computer. Thankfully I have all my files stored in a desktop hard drive. I will inform again when I have everything seeding again.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Heidi Cg vs original comparation

It's already old news, but for those who didn't know, Heidi is being remade in CGI. Here is a link of comparison of old vs new.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hello everyone. Sorry for taking so long to reply some stuff. I was on vacation. I'm currently working on the Heidi batch, but I'm taking some time because some of the subtitles need some revision. Especially the first ones. So I'm watching everything again. Sorry for taking so long. Just wanted to Inform you guys about this.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Answering some questions \ Respondendo a algumas perguntas

Hello everyone. I will again revise the first episodes of Heidi using the translation by Eric. The first episodes were translated using dubs, so some things will be better translated now by Eric. When I finish revising everything, I will release a torrent with all the episodes in the 3 different versions (Blu-ray, DVD and the old raw). I will also release a rar file containing only the subtitles without the episodes, since so manny people want only the subtitles. I will return to Dog of Flanders, Akage no Anne and the Portuguese and French versions of Heidi. If someone is interested in helping us with the Portuguese translation, please contact us. That way I won't need to waste time in the PT version and releases will come out faster. For those waiting for Tom sawyer, I will start working on it just when I finish Both Anne and Dog of Flanders. As for Flone, it will be again translated by  Eric, so I will start releasing when I get the subtitles for it. This one will probably be released  only in English, unless we get someone willing to help us translating to Portuguese.

Olá a todos . Irei novamente rever os primeiros episódios de Heidi usando a tradução em Inglês feita por Eric. Quando eu terminar a revisão de tudo , vou lançar um torrente com todos os episódios nas 3 versões diferentes ( Blu- ray, DVD e o antigo Raw) . Além disso, irei lançar um arquivo rar contendo apenas as legendas sem os episódios , já que algumas pessoas querem apenas as legendas. Voltarei a legendar Dog of Flanders, Akage no Anne e as versões em português e francês de Heidi . Se alguém estiver interessado em ajudar-nos com a tradução em Português , por favor contacte -nos . Dessa forma, eu não precisarei de perder tempo na versão PT e os episodios sairão mais depressa. Para aqueles que esperam por Tom Sawyer , eu vou começar a trabalhar nele quando eu terminar Anne e Dog of Flanders . Quanto a Flone , será novamente traduzida por Eric , por isso vou começar a lançar quando receber as subs. Este provavelmente será apenas em Inglês , a menos que arranje alguém disposto a traduzir para Português .

Monday, June 2, 2014

Alps no Shoujo Heidi 52 (Eng Subs Only)

Alps no Shoujo Heidi 52

Blu-Ray Version

Old Raw Version