Thursday, April 28, 2011

Heidi with better video quality and new member



A new member has joined our group. (No it's not a Japanese translator)
Anyway, our new member is egrimisu.
He bought the series Heidi from Japan and the quality is simple awesome.
He sent us the episode 6, so we could compare with the one we already released, so we decided to release that one right now.
We will release with this quality the next episodes, and also the ones we already did, for those who want the keep the series with better quality.
Welcome to Silver Zero subs egrimisu.

Alps no Shoujo Heidi 06 High Quality (Eng\Pt)

Um novo membro se uniu ao nosso grupo. (Não, não é um tradutor japonês).
Bem, o nosso novo membro é egrimisu.
Ele comprou a série Heidi do Japão e a qualidade é espantosa.
Ele enviou-nos o episódio 6, para que pudéssemos comparar com o nosso que já lançámos, então decidimos relançar esse episódio mesmo agora.
Vamos lançar com esta qualidade os próximos episódios, e também os que já fizemos, para aqueles que querem a guardar a série com melhor qualidade.
Podem fazer download no link em cima.
Bem-vindo ao Silver subs Zero, egrimisu.


  1. The colour looks a little washed out on the new one.

  2. The resolution should be 640x480. It is 720x480. But the video quality is awesome. :)

  3. "Hy guys, i'll try to explain for both of you guys :)
    The colors on the old release is just oversaturated and the screen taken on the new one uses wmr7 or wmr9 that's why is a little washed out but it is very close to the real, i recommend using haali media splitter for mkv files because it deals with this problem, just search on google CCCP, download it and install it and your problems are solved.
    Why down resize the picture if the native resolution is 720x480? and using any filter (bilinear,bicubic, spline...) will result in lowering the video quality, these days any display has higher resolution than 640x480. Keep in mind that the default resolution of a ntsc dvd is 720x480 and for PAL is 720x576, 640x480 is a standard for nothing."

  4. Welcome to the Silver Zero Subs Team, Misu! xD