Monday, May 9, 2011

Flanders no Inu (A dog of Flanders) 01 Eng\ Pt

Flanders no Inu  (A dog of Flanders)

This exciting and dramatic anime is an adaptation derived from the book" A Dog of Flanders ", written in 1872 by the Franco-British novelist Marie Louise de la Ramée (pseudonym: "Ouida").

The story takes place in Belgium and tells of a boy named Nello and his dog Patrasche.
Nello is a boy who lost his mother very early and came to be brought up by his grandfather Jehan.
He lived a poor but happy life, helping his grandfather to carry the milk from cows of the village where they live, and sell it in the city of Antwerp.
He loves to draw and his best friend is Alois, daughter of the owner of the only mill and richest man in town.

During his visits to Antwerp, Nello sees a dog pulling a cart with old household items and constantly being mistreated by the owner, who calls the dog Patrasche.
Every time Nello sees Patrasche, he tries to feed him or give him water.

Este emocionante e dramático anime é uma adaptação derivada do livro "A dog of Flanders", escrito em 1872 pela escritora franco-inglesa Marie Louise de La Ramée (pseudônimo: "Ouida").
A estória passa-se na Bélgica e fala de um menino chamado Nello e de seu cão Patrasche.
Nello é um rapaz que perdeu a mãe muito cedo e passou a ser criado pelo avô Jehan. Vivia uma vida pobre porém feliz, ajudando o seu avô a carregar o leite das vacas do vilarejo onde moram e vendê-lo na cidade de Antuérpia (a mais próxima do vilarejo). Ele adora desenhar e tem como melhor amiga Alois, filha do dono do único moinho e homem mais rico da vila.

Durante as suas idas à Antuérpia, Nello vê um cão a puxar uma carroça de utensílios domésticos velhos e sendo maltratado constantemente pelo dono, que chama o cão de Patrasche. Nello fica sensibilizado e toda vez que vê Patrasche, ele tenta alimentá-lo ou dar-lhe água escondido.

Flanders no Inu 01  (Eng\Pt)
 The Boy Named Nello \ O Rapaz Chamado Nello


  1. Are you serious!? Yaaaaaaaaay!!! Thank you soooooo much! I LOVE this anime to death, along with the 1992 version (the original Japanese episodes have finally been found! On Veoh!) and the movie!

  2. Is anyone else having a problem downloading this episode from Megaupload? I've tried several times a day since it was released but each time the transfer stops at around the 60Mb point. The DDL starts OK at around 200-250KB/sec with an estimated time of 20-30 minutes but at the same point it just seems to hang, eventually the connection times out about 5-10 minutes later. To me this seems to be an issue with Megaupload, not my connection.

    I don't have any issues with other downloads, it is just this specific file. Tried yet again just now, same thing, stops after 52Mb (of 341Mb).

  3. That's strange.
    I just tried again and I can download it just fine.
    Which browzer do you use?

  4. I'm running Windows XP, IE8. I had no problems when I downloaded Alps no Shoujo Heidi HQ 1,2,6 and 7 during Tuesday and Wednesday.

    I tried again, same result, stopped after 46.5MB this time. I've tried both my desktop and laptop, same results. BTW, this is using "Regular Download", not "Primium Download". I haven't tried signing up for free membership yet.

  5. Update, actually it didn't stop at 46.5MB. After a few minutes of what appeared to be zero transfer rate, it became active again only to finally stop at the 59.3MB point, which is where is has stopped a number of times now.

    I just downloaded Alps no Shoujo Heidi HQ 3 and that was fine, transfer rate of 1MB/sec, completed after about 5 minutes. Tried Flanders no Inu yet again and same as before. Starts off with a transfer rate of about 200KB/sec but then stops and eventually times out. When I download this file it comes from, it that the same host for you?

  6. It's this one for me:

    But it's strange, because from what i can see, this only happened with you.
    I'll try to upload again later.

  7. I didn't have any problems downloading it (except for the fact it took an hour to download, but that was just a minor snag).

  8. Xris, try downloading this one.

  9. Thanks, that new rar DDL worked (d=TUCA3BI1). Still unable to complete a download using the original (d=8D1N74D7). I even tried using the free (megamanager) download manager but that stopped after 43Mb! Thanks for the help.

  10. Epah, melhor noticia que eu ouvi recentemente no mundo dos fansubs. Amazing.

    Muito obrigado.

  11. Replies
    1. Vou retornar em breve. Estou já a trabalhar no proximo episodio.