Friday, August 26, 2011

Anne 16, Heidi 10, Flanders no Inu 1,2,3

We are still waiting for our member "WATCHING SKY " to correct the episodes, but we decided to release the episodes with our bad English, because I am sure most of the people prefer Heidi with bad English than no Heidi at all.
When "WATCHING SKY" send us the episodes with good English, we will re-release them again and inform you here in our site.

We are also re-releasing the fist three episodes of Flanders no Inu translated by the Japanese translator "Moho Kareshi".

Akage no Anne 16  (ENG\PT)

Alps no Shoujo Heidi 10  (Eng\Pt)

 Flanders no Inu 01 (Eng\Pt)
 Flanders no Inu 02 (Eng\Pt)
 Flanders no Inu 03 (Eng\Pt)


  1. Yay! \o/

    Thanks for your dedication Cyber Zero, Silver Dragoon e Moho Kareshi!^^

    Cheers ^^

  2. thanks much for the release guys. but please give top priority to Heidi as it never has been subbed ever. majority of the people all over the world are dying to watch heidi in subbed

  3. Do the Dog of Flanders episodes also need to have their English corrected?