Monday, January 30, 2012

Flanders no Inu

We uploaded all the episodes of Flanders no Inu that we subbed.
You can download them again in the "series" page, or by torrent in "nyaa torrents"
Also, in the episode 5 we corrected Alois' family name as Cogez (Like in the book).
Thanks to Julia for the warning.


  1. Thanks very much for hard work and great job

  2. So Heidi will come soon too?? :D :D

  3. We are correctly correcting some errors in the Heidi episodes.
    So It will take longer to have them all uploaded.

  4. u guys are doing a great job by uploading heidi!!!!! thank u soo mch

  5. Hi;
    thanks very much for hard work
    I recommend setting a password for uploaded files, so rapidshare or any sharing sites won't delete them
    also you can use or to upload your files to multiple file hosting sites

    thanks again

  6. pleaseeeeeeeeee be quick in realeasing episodes of heidi. atleast one episode a week :( thankyou.