Sunday, March 11, 2012

Akage no Anne 21

  Akage no Anne 21 (Eng\Pt)



  1. Hi can you change your Filehost to Something else.. as you might not know but rapidshare has cut down their speeds for free user.. free users cannot download as for everyone it gives very slow speeds. also all your torrents have no Seeds.

    use its a new filehost only for Anime

  2. Free users can download from rapidshare.
    Although it takes a lot of time.
    Our torrents have seeds, but only when I am home. That's the problem.
    Since I live alone with my brother, we turn off our pc when we go to work.

    But I will take a look at that site you mentioned.

  3. please seed Heidi and flanders.. and can you please release Heidi a lilttle bit faster. i know you have a job but i cant wait to watch the next episode.