Sunday, February 20, 2011

Akage no Anne \ Alps no Shoujo Heidi Karaoke

We at Silver Zero Subs decided to put Karaoke also in our previous releases of Anne and Heidi.
Those interested, will have to re-download the episodes that didn't had Karaoke, on the Web site of the series or in the links of the episodes on the left.
I also wanted to inform you that I was not expecting it would take so long to put Karaoke in the previous episodes of Heidi and Anne, and because of that it will take a while until the next episode out.
Please be patient.

Nós na Silver Zero Subs decidimos pôr Karaoke também nos nossos lançamentos anteriores de Anne e Heidi.
Para quem estiver interessado terá que voltar a fazer download dos episódios que não tinham Karaoke.
Os links dos sites das series ou os links dos episódios aqui à esquerda já contêm os episódios com Karaoke.
Também queria informar que não estava à espera que iria demorar tanto tempo a pôr Karaoke nos episódios anteriores de Heidi e Anne, e por causa disso vai demorar um pouco até o próximo episódio sair.
Por favor tenham paciência.


  1. Are the links already updated with the karaoke?

  2. i have a question: can you translate opening to english?

  3. I'm sorry, we would like to, but no, we can't.
    Our Japanese is quite limited.
    We are subbing this with our limited Japanese, with help of dubbed versions of the series and with the English version of the book .
    And the opening songs of the dubbed versions is different of the Japanese.
    Here is the Portuguese opening:

  4. For Heidi, the opening and ending songs have actually been subtitled in English by another fansub group: MJN. You can watch the opening intro with English subtitles here:

    As for Anne of Green Gables, somebody has translated the lyrics to the opening song in the comments section:
    However, I can't verify the quality of the translation.

    Perhaps you guys can ask these people to use their translations.