Friday, March 4, 2011

We didn't drop anything. \ Nós não dropámos nada.

We received a message asking if we dropped Alps no Shoujo Heidi.
No, we didn't, nor will we drop "Alps Shoujo no Heidi" or "Akage no Anne. "
We are subbing the episode 6 of Heidi, but slowly.
I and Silver Dragoon had a complicated month.
We should launch the episode next week.

Recebemos uma mensagem onde perguntavam se "dropamos" Alps no Shoujo Heidi.
Não, não dropámos, nem vamos dropar "Alps no Shoujo Heidi " nem "Akage no Anne".
Estamos a legendar o episodio 6 de Heidi, embora lentamente.
Pois eu e o Silver Dragoon tivemos um mês um pouco complicado.
Devemos lançar o episódio para a semana, se não ocorrer nenhum imprevisto.


  1. I'm waitin for Heidi's next episodes with bated breath :)

  2. Very good video quality. Audio is pretty average, but it can't be helped as this show is very old.
    Translation, on the other hand, is HORRIBLE. The translator very often changes the meaning of conversations completely.

    Just an example to show how pathetic the translation is:
    Jap: Heidi wa kore kara ittai dou naru no deshou ka?
    Silver Zero translation: Heidi, meanwhile, was enjoying herself in her new surroundings.
    Correct translation: What will Heidi do from now on?

    There are countless examples of such idiotic translation in every episode, you will understand more of the conversation if you turn the subs off completely.

    Seriously, what a pathetic translator this group has.

  3. Well, that is completely normal.
    We told very early, that our Japanese is quite limited.
    We are subbing this with our limited Japanese, with help of dubbed versions of the series and with the English version of the book .
    We warned early on that many phrases would be very different than they actually were, but that the story would be the same, which would be better than nothing, because nobody else sub this show.
    That's why we also did the subs in English and not only in Portuguese.
    But if people are not interested in our efforts then we'll stop.

  4. seieki, It seems you understand Japanese.
    Would you be interested in joining our group and become our translator?
    We would appreciate greatly.

  5. @Seieki: Everyone goes on a process called "learning" and I believe the fansubbers of this group is on that phase. Let them shine and give them a chance :P I AM A FAN of this group and very interested in their efforts! Grow and be a great fansub group!

  6. There is no such thing as a perfect translation, nor is there such a thing as a perfect fansub.

    Just keep it up, guys! We here at Licca Fansubs are behind you all the way!

  7. muchas grazie for not dropping heidi! ^^ looking forward for more episodes.. arigatoo! ^^

  8. Thanks for your support people.
    Licca Fansubs, i love your work on Pollyanna and Les Miserables.
    Thanks a lot.

  9. Thanks, Cyber zero and Silver Dragoon for more one episode of Heidi!^^

    And Thanks Licca for your marvelous work to subtitle "Ai shoujo Pollyanna Monogatari" and for your support people!^^

  10. Don't stop subbing it in English. No one else is doing it. You are the only hope of us english speakers. :)