Monday, August 25, 2014

Heidi Cg vs original comparation

It's already old news, but for those who didn't know, Heidi is being remade in CGI. Here is a link of comparison of old vs new.


  1. Sometimes CGI can look ok......
    Not in this case it looks bloody awful :(

  2. Well the biggest problem CGI has for me there's a rarely effort is being done to put some more serious and less funny look on it's characters. For me this field terribly lacks diversity and as a result I'm not really interested in following it.

    But still the fact stays that as a default CGI movies are preferred in U.S. over any 2D animation movies being made and that makes me really really sad.

  3. Don't wait for Heidi anymore, this guy kept us waiting for no reason and keep hoarding that work for himself:

    Get it from Here:

  4. I am so ashamed because it's a Belgian production house. But i don't understand why the remake is made? Isn't the original not good enough to show kids. Ofc not, because it's not in a 16:9 framerate and handdrawn animation is now considered "outdated". I will show my kids the original and not the crap remake. They deserve much better then this junk food style of animation.