Sunday, September 7, 2014

Won't be able to seed for a while

Hello everyone. My pc containing all my files including the torrents, crashed. Literally. So I won't be able to seed the episodes till I buy a new computer. Thankfully I have all my files stored in a desktop hard drive. I will inform again when I have everything seeding again.


  1. Hope u recover them soon, let us know the links for torrents

  2. Don't wait for Heidi anymore, this guy kept us waiting for no reason and keep hoarding that work for himself:

    Get it from Here:

  3. Please don't write angry messages on the internet.
    Yes, it has taken a long time to finish, but that doesn't mean they 'hoarded' it.
    Translation takes time.

    The full release will be available as soon as the group has their problem fixed.

    The fansub you are linking to is a good one as well, but it is entirely (apart from a few places where I helped them with translations) a dubtitle translated from Spanish.
    While it is enjoyable as well, SilverZeroSubs fansub has been updated and filled in by me so that it is almost 100% in accordance with the Japanese dialog.
    The batch will contain the revised subtitles so it's worth the wait.

    1. Thanks for reassuring comment Erik.!

      I'm still waiting for proper release but have all episodes download and seeded almost 24x7 (at least their best quality versions) so there shouldn't be much problem with downloading them for those who want.

    2. nobody gives a flying F*CK!! ABOUT THE TRANSLATION QUALITY!!!
      Is F*CKING HEIDI dude, if you want accuracy, read the novel!!! this series is so simple you aren't missing anything from japanese/spanish/french/german/ or whatever languare is written in