Monday, October 20, 2014

We're back online.

Ok, we're back. I apologise for being offline for so long. All this time offline just because I wanted my new computer to have a 6TB disk only the discovered recently that windows 7 only allows me to have 2 TB by disk. Well, the torrents are back online. You can download them here at the end of this text or at the "Download series" tag above. I'm still working on correcting the subtitles for Heidi with the subs by EricF but it shouldn't take too long now. I was actually planing to start sharing Heidi only after I finish the correction, but some people are complaining about it so you can still download Heidi with the old subtitles for now. After I'm done with Heidi I will go back to work on Akage no Anne, Dog of Flanders (I'm sorry for taking so long Moho Kareshi) and I will start working on Flone too. Flone shouldn't take much time since the subtitles are already done and timed by EricF. Any questions, just ask. 

Heidi DVD (01-24) Torrent

Heidi Blu-Ray (25-52) Torrent

Flander no Inu (01-24) Torrent

Akage no Anne (01-36) Torrent