Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Alsp no Shoujo Heidi 32-36 and Dog of Flanders 24

Here are finally 5 new episode of Heidi and 1 of Dog of Flanders.
The credit for the new 5 episodes of Heidi goes to Ericf. He was the one that timed everything from the Heidi fan scripts, changed what needed to be changed and even did subtitles for the previews and the music. This episodes are only in English. Once I have the Portuguese and French version I will release them again.
Also, here is a new episode of Dog of Flanders. I could have release it a bit sooner, but I wanted to release it at the same time as Heidi.
Merry Christmas everyone.
See you next year.

Alps no Shoujo Heidi 32-36(Eng Only)

Blu-Ray Version

Old Version

Dog of Flanders 24 (Eng\Pt\Fr)