Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Akage no Anne 46 (Eng/Pt) and an apology


As you all have probably noticed we've been away for a long time. I don't want to bore you all with details, but it was because of a lot of reasons. I work 12 Hours a day now, my pc crashed and I had to translate the Portuguese version of this episode all over again, and a really lack of motivation and time. Right now everything (with the exception of the 12 working hours in my job) is resolved, so I'm back to subbing normally again for the most part. Wich is still very slow, I'm aware, but definitely faster than six months. I also want to apologize to some of you asking is this site about what was going on. My lack of motivation kept me away from this site, and that was an absolutely lack of respect for you guys. Sorry.


  1. No worries. And no need to apologize for pro bono work!

  2. Hi ho Silver.
    I am the complainer. You are all right bro.
    I only b..ch to motivate you. I used to do some charity work for ten years, so I know how you feel. There is no tangible reward. People are never happy, but you do what you do best and you enjoy it as much as you can.
    We will remember you for it. Get your s..t together and finish what you started in your own time. When you close the doors you opened wide enough you're golden.
    Thanks for the episode 46th and for all the one before it. We really appreciate it.
    These series - (WMT), they matter, so what you do is important.
    All the best buddy. You hang on in there.


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  4. muito muito obrigada!! SUper feliz com este novo lancamento!! continuaçao de bom trabalho. esta quase a terminar :)

    feliz por teres resolvido a maior parte dos teus problemas pessoais e espero que em breve reduzas a carga horaria de trbaalho (eu tb sofro um pouco desse mal...)

  5. que bela surpresa, eu acesso diariamente o site e fico feliz com o retorno, obrigado.

  6. Real Life sucks! :D
    Welcome back
    And a big thank You for all the work you put in on our behalf :)

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